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Dental Exam & Cleaning

Experience a Refreshing and Thorough Dental Exam & Cleaning at Toothwise Dental!

What to expect

Unchecked plaque and calculus buildup can throw a spanner in the works of our oral health journey, leading to complications from tooth decay to tooth loss. Seize the reins of your dental well-being with our routine cleanings at Toothwise Dental - a defense line against oral health obstacles, guiding you to a future glowing with radiant smiles and robust health.

Your Visit

45 minutes - 1 hour

At Toothwise Dental in Austin, we start with a thorough check of your teeth and gums to customize your care plan. We use low-dose X-rays to find tooth decay that isn't easily seen, and we also screen for mouth cancer. We clear out any hard-to-reach plaque and tartar in your mouth and we'll show you how to improve your home care routine, making your future dental check-ups quick and easy.

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