Toothwise Dental

What to expect

Every dental emergency needs urgent attention, and at Toothwise Dental in Austin, Dr. Moronto is your partner in navigating these moments. Contact us at the first sign of distress, and we'll make every effort to address your needs, potentially even on the same day.

Dental emergencies come in multiple forms.


If you notice spontaneous bleeding gums, despite regular checkups and cleanings, it signals a dental emergency. Get an immediate medical examination and inform Dr. Moronto - it might reflect a hidden, possibly serious health condition.


When dental trauma occurs, like a lost tooth, it's crucial. Dr. Moronto advises cleaning the fallen tooth, if intact, and trying to place it back in the socket. Time is of the essence - Doing this within 30 minutes increases the likelihood of tooth preservation. If reinstating isn't possible, hold the tooth in saliva or milk, but don't exceed a two-hour window before consulting a dental professional.

A dental trauma in the form of a broken tooth, especially paired with pain, also qualifies as an emergency. Should this happen, reach out to Dr. Moronto's office promptly—we'll prioritize your situation.


A dental abscess is an urgent scenario that requires immediate care. Ignoring dental swellings can escalate into dangerous situations.


Your Visit

30 minutes or more

Identifying your dental issue demands an X-ray and a 15 to 30 minute exam. Within this period, Dr. Moronto will assess the problem and provide a straightforward, concise plan to restore your comfort.